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A speed bag

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Most speed bags have an opening U-bolt or an S-hook to attach the bag to the swivel. At some point, this one lost the S and was left with the eye. So how do you open the eye to move the bag up and get the most snap in your action? The Forum gives you a peek.

Original Post: Need some type of "separator" tool to separate small metal loop

MichaelChang Member

The outer diameter of this metal loop is ¾-inch. It is not a continuous one-piece, it comes together at the top. I put "gap" in the picture but the ends do touch.

I want to separate this metal loop maybe ¼-inch in order to eliminate the connecting strings and fit the leather loop on top of the bag itself into the metal loop.

Any tool or technique that will do this job?

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joecaption1 Member

Why not just use a large S hook, spring hook, or a safety tow chain connector?

Ultra-Tow Safety Tow Chain Quick Links — 2-Pk., 5/16in. | Hitch Accessories| Northern Tool + Equipment

There is no magic expander tool for that hook.

Gunguy45 Super Moderator

I wonder if the strings are there to prevent the leather from chafing by being directly attached to metal. And won't a ring cause it to have a different movement from different directions?

Handyone Forum Topic Moderator

That loop looks way too strong to separate with normal chain pliers. Chain pliers are designed to separate thin chain, like a swag lamp chain.

You'll have to wait for some more input. You may have to heat it or find an alternative method, like some type of strong link. A metal link may not have the same response though as the string and you may not like how the bag reacts.

mitch17 Group Moderator

Will the speed bag still bounce properly if you shorten the connection like that?

pugsl Forum Topic Moderator

A pair of bolt cutters should work. Probably leave a sharp edge that will have to filed off.

MichaelChang Member

I've choked bags way high before. The response is faster which is the goal. I guess I could clamp the plastic ball and use a hacksaw to cut out a section

mitch17 Group Moderator

Anything you do to open the loop would have to be undone, I would think. Is it not feasible to just re-tie the leather so it's shorter?

Gunguy45 Super Moderator

I don't think it would be that hard to open it a bit if you really want to. I doubt this is really hardened steel or anything. A pry bar (and a pair of vice grips if the metal loop swivels) inserted in the loop and twisted will probably move it some, then you may need to go with a thicker bar.

It would be much easier if you take it down and have a vise available. Clamp one side of the ring in the vise and pry the loop open. As said, closing it might be the hard part. You'll never get it as tight as it is now.

By all this, I don't mean opening the loop from an O to a U, just prying the overlapping area's apart. If you had a tapered punch of the right diameter you could open the loop and then a vice to close it again. Will make replacing the bag a major operation each time though.

Bud9051 Member

Google this, "steel anchor shackles." It would be shorter and swing with less resistance and something you can try instantly. They come in a variety of sizes.

guy48065 Member

Because of the swivel ball you're going to have to try to grab the back side of the ring in a vise and twist the eye open with a rod like Gunguy suggests. Problem is any marks left on the eye will chafe the leather loop.

aka pedro Member

Rather than spreading it open, I would twist it open. Imagine holding one half between your left thumb and forefinger and the other half between your right thumb and forefinger, like you were going to tear a piece of paper in half. Obviously need a couple of pliers, but using bare hands as an example. I think that it will be easier and less apt to fracture the metal this way.

Gunguy45 Super Moderator

That’s what Guy and I were trying to say Pedro... but your example better illustrates it. Still won't be able to close it back to original though.

aka pedro Member

Yeah, was slow in picking up how you meant it at first, until it occurred to me that we were headed in the same direction.

Wirepuller38 Member

I agree with Pedro. Bending it back together may leave a small gap.

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