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If you’ve never seen a type of lock or latch before, opening it can be a puzzle. There are no stupid questions in DIY (mostly) and if you don’t know something it pays to ask. That’s what the Forum is for. But if you do know something and you bobble the ball, expect from ribbing from the other regulars. And you can expect to get the answer in the end.

Original Post: Trying to figure out how to open this window

Exolios Member

I'm trying to get my living room window opened to wash the exterior of it (it seems my apartment complex doesn't wash them themselves), but, I've been stuck on how to actually open the said window. It has a weird lock, shown in the picture.

I'm puzzled as to what kind of key or wrench I need to open this. Could this lock be custom made? I'm definitely not an expert when it comes to this, so, that's why I'm asking for help here!


Oh, and, I also tried using this, but, it simply didn't fit.

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Pilot Dane Group Moderator

The tool you linked has square, four sided sockets. The head in the center of your lock is a hexagon with five sides. Have you tried a standard wrench or socket?

Furd Member

“The head in the center of your lock is a hexagon with five sides.”

WOW! I learn something new every day. I always thought that a hexagon had six sides and a pentagon had five sides. Also, I never knew a standard wrench or socket was for use on a five-sided nut or bolt.

Quite honestly, the only time I ever saw a five-sided bolt head was on the locking mechanism to an underground utility vault, something that the average person should NOT be investigating. Oh, yeah, the valve stem and cap stems on the fire hydrants in my area are also five-sided to keep the peasants from diddling with them.

czizzi Member

Hmmm.... The sarcasm is strong with this one Obi-wan.

Here is the answer you have been searching for - Custodial locks

Custodial lock

Furd Member

“Hmmm.... The sarcasm is strong with this one Obi-wan.”

I couldn't have done it without Pilot playing the part of the straight man.

Thanks for posting that picture of the special wrench. I have seen the window latches in commercial buildings.

Pilot Dane Group Moderator

Pentagon... hexagon... what's the difference??? Maybe that's why I have trouble at stop signs?

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