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Original Post: Scary spiders in basement

fracman58 Member

My house is fairly new and recently I have noticed large spiders in my basement. I killed four of the same kind within three to four days.I don't know where they are getting in. Is it possible for a spider to travel and come in through basement drain holes (French drains)? This is creeping me out. Are there solid covers for these drains?

Shadeladie Super Moderator

They come inside this time of the year (fall). They get in through cracks and crevices just like other outside bugs. I don't mind spiders. They won't hurt you or anything. Don't be scared! They're just looking for food and warmth. Anyway, our pro bug man will give you more info when he sees this.

Norm201 Member

I also get spiders in the house during the change of seasons. And, yes, I know they are good and help keep the bug infestations in check. BUT, I have an unnatural fear of spiders in an enclosed area regardless of how big the room might be. Outside, it's not a problem—I'll even let them crawl over my boot. But inside, it's another story. Other bugs don't bother me, but spiders just don't belong inside. Shady, I commend you for not letting them bother you. Come on over to my house and take care of them, please.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Norm, I've seen 20-foot spider spray for sale. I assume it's just like the spray for bees.

I don't like bugs of any kind inside my house! I know it's not feasible to eradicate all of them or prevent any from entering, but when they're seen they usually get hit with the appropriate bug spray. Areas that seem to attract bugs usually get sprayed regularly.

aka pedro Member

Some spiders are scarier than others and I have seen some nasty bites from some of the bad ones, but those hang out more in older and rotting structures, wood piles, etc. I generally ignore them in the house. Not that I'm fond of them either, but as Shadeladie said, they're looking for a warmer environment this time of the year so they come and they go, just like boxelder bugs, moths, ladybugs, etc.

Marq1 Member
It's doubtful they are coming in from drain pipes. The average house has lots of small openings where they just walk in. I get a lot of the very small, almost transparent spiders in the basement. I usually just do a walkaround with bug spray once a year!

PAbugman Forum Topic Moderator

Is your basement finished/partially finished/unfinished?

What type of French drain do you have? Is it the type that goes around the interior perimeter of the basement or are they floor drains in various places throughout the basement slab?

If pets and small children aren't an issue and assuming that these spiders are the hunter/predators, meaning the kind that walk around as opposed to web makers, then the rodent-sized glue boards will catch a surprising amount of spiders. It's quick and easy. Place them at the wall/floor junction.

There are residual insecticide sprays that can be purchased over the counter and applied by homeowners, if you want to do that. I can offer more info on this if requested. This time of year is when they are moving in. I just sprayed our basement.

Studly Member

I would buy some Talstar, which you can spray indoors in the areas you see them and outdoors (and spray around windows and doors, where they are likely coming in). It will keep killing any that walk over it for weeks.

Hal_S Member

Pick up a used "cyclone" vacuum cleaner (with a clear plastic tube) from a thrift shop. Leave it down in the basement to deal with spiders.

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