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If you’ve never had a well, they can be confusing, and when it’s colder in the lower 48 than anyone can remember is a terrible time to try and climb the troubleshooter learning curve. Did the pipes freeze? Did the pump die? The Forum has the answer.

Original Post: well pump issue, I think

blues74 Member

I'm getting ready to show my true blondeness here, however we have recently bought a home that has a well. I have never had anything to do with a well in my entire life. Currently we are experiencing an arctic chill causing the temperature to be below zero constantly. Our water is not working. We planned ahead and placed a heat pump in our well house, which is still lit, however I'm not even sure how to tell if the pump is even running. Our well house is roughly the size of a large hot tub and inside it are 2 blue cylinders, one of which has a pipe coming out of it with a pressure gauge on it which currently reads 0. I don't actually see a pump of any kind. There appears to be a PVC pipe that runs into the ground in there as well, but all you can see is water around it on the ground - not frozen. I don't even know where to begin here. I checked the pipes under the house (in the crawlspace) and they don't appear to be frozen so I don't know what else to do. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for taking the time to read about my problem!

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joecaption1 Member

Sounds like it may be a deep well. The pump would be down inside the well. The blue tank may be your pressure tank. Some place in that line there should be a set of contacts that start and stop the pump.

I'll post some pictures of what I'm trying to explain. pressure tanks for water wells - Bing Images

PJmax Forum Topic Moderator

Welcome to the forums.

Since your pressure gauge is registering zero psi then the problem is not in the pipework to or in the house.

The well pump is most likely 240v. Have you checked to make sure the breaker hasn't tripped?

The pressure switch shown is the point you would need to check next. You would need a voltage checker or meter to read 240vac. That may require the help of a friend or an electrician.

blues74 Member

Thanks for the tips. I did check the breaker and it is on. I will also have someone check the voltage. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks so much for the help!

blues74 Member

We are showing that we have 220 going to the pressure switch. We have upped the temperature in the well house to 55 degrees for the last couple hours and the pressure gauge is still showing 0. I don't know what else to do now. Any suggestions?

blues74 Member

We now have water! Thanks for everything!!

chandler Forum Topic Moderator

Patience! It just took time for the signal tube to thaw and tell the switch to turn on. 99% of all the calls I took today.

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