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Original Post: Leaking water meter?

John Palatzo - Member

Hi folks,

Any thoughts would be great here. I noticed a leak on my basement floor just below the water meter. Then I noticed there's a very small leak coming from one of the corners of the meter. You can see from the pics below it's a very slow leak, but a leak nonetheless. Not even sure what to ask here besides what should my next step be?


leaking water meter system

water meter leak 2

water meter leak 3

water meter leak 4

XSleeper - Group Moderator

Well i'd say you need to lookup the brand name of the meter and see if you can find a gasket for it.

John Palatzo - Thread Starter

Thanks, that’s a good place to start. I’ll check that out. Looks like there’s one shutoff valve before the meter and one after the meter, so “maybe” I could replace the gasket myself.

Silly question, but the meter is my responsibility right, not the water company’s?

XSleeper - Group Moderator

Correct. I have never seen a water meter that wasn't the homeowner/business owner's problem. The utility's responsibility ends at their shutoff that's buried out by the street.

PJmax - Group Moderator

The water meter is the sole property of the water company. That's why it's sealed.

Call the water company and schedule a replacement.

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marksr - Forum Topic Moderator

Might not hurt to check with the water company, locally our water company owns the meters and homeowners aren't allowed to mess with them other than hook up to the outlet side. But our meters are next to the road in a meter box.

XSleeper - Group Moderator

I guess that makes sense, but last time we needed a new line in from the street, we had to pay for that and the new meter. It wasn't free, so it was our problem to pay for it!

pugsl - Forum Topic Moderator

Call water Co rules change in different areas.

John Palatzo - Thread Starter

So I gave the water company (the town) a call today. They said it's their responsibility. They had someone come over in 15 minutes, replaced the black gasket that's the same size as the bottom of the meter, and we were good to go. Amazing how sometimes (maybe 10% of the time) things are just that easy. He said it was good that I noticed it because it was just going to get worse and worse. So here's my public service announcement that if you haven't looked at your water meter in a while, go take a look!

Thanks for the help everyone!

XSleeper - Group Moderator

Wow. Nice job!