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Do you get what you pay for with paint? The forum has some opinions.

Original Post: Sherwin-Williams "ProMar 200" Paint

MiamiCuse Member

Last year, I hired a professional painter to do some interior painting. I offered to buy the paint since I usually use Benjamin Moore products and prefer to stay with one brand. He said he will only do it if he gets the paint, and he always gets top-notch Sherwin-Williams. I said OK.

So this week, I need to repaint part of the kitchen window area and need to match his paint...which is WHITE. I have several cans of different white, from Ultra White and Extra White to Super White and Ceiling White...and none of them matched. So, I had to go to a Sherwin-Williams store. I brought along the empty can. They said no problem, punched into the computer, and asked if I have a contractor account. I said no. He said thank you—it will be $77.

$77 for a gallon of paint? What?

He said yes, the paint you have is very low-grade paint only sold to contractors. If you don't have a contractor account, it's being sold at list price, which is $72 plus tax.


I thought I was getting TOP-NOTCH PAINT? So, it's low-grade paint but $72 a gallon to DIYers? I didn't buy the paint and didn't want to sign up for a contractor account, either.

The paint is called "Sherwin-Williams ProMar 200 Extra White 6501-872."

I don't have the painter's number anymore. Any idea if I can get the same white to match this with a Benjamin Moore product? Heck—even a Home Depot Behr would be easier to deal with!

Gunguy45 Super Moderator

I'm no expert but, yes, ProMar is a pretty low-grade, I believe. I know I've seen it used on rental repaints. It's the bottom of their "Pro" line, anyway.

there's no reason why it couldn't be matched, but you would be better off with some of the paint off the wall, not just by formula. Especially in a kitchen, the color could have changed somewhat. If you have some painted trim or a chunk of Sheetrock that has the paint he used on it, that would be's what I try to do. Though of course, one brand's sheen is probably going to be different from another's.

I wonder about that pricing. I saw several mentions of price that put it more in the $25/gallon range, though that was from a few years ago. Have to wait for the pros to weigh in to get more informed responses. I don't normally do the painting around my house, but I do buy the paint.

Marq1 Member

Don't go there—anything sold at HD is pretty bad paint. Paint is one product where you're going to get what you pay for. I'm a Pratt & Lambert user; their Accolade line is by far the best. It's in the $50/gallon range.

Gunguy45 Super Moderator

I know everyone says Behr is junk, but seriously...I've never had an issue with it, though I've never used the expensive stuff and probably never will. I mean, it seems to cover well enough (close to what the specs say) and doesn't chalk or fall's paint, that's what it's supposed to do, right? I'd pay more if it jumped out of the can, ran across the floor, and climbed up the wall all on its own, but I don't think they've made them THAT good yet.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

ProMar is SWP's builder-grade paint. ProMar 200 is their best builder's paint. It's a lot better than the 400 (their best seller) and 700. I mostly used ProMar 200 on new construction and rentals. While it's adequate for a residential repaint, I'd rather use their SuperPaint or better. IMO, $72 is extremely high for ProMar 200!

Gunguy45 Super Moderator

Mark, that's very odd—the 200 being the best, I mean. Normally, higher numbers mean higher quality.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Yeah, I always thought so too, but then they didn't consult me when they came out with that coating line.

Pipsiswah Member

Seems like I paid around $45 a gallon for the ProMar 200. I used it to paint a bedroom in 2010, and again on one wall and a closet (same bedroom, repaired after water damage) in 2014. No complaints. Of course, nobody smokes around here, so that's a plus. If I paint again, I'll just get some more PM 200. Unless, of course, it costs me $77 a gallon...that's a rip-off.

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