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One of the mainstays of DIY home improvement is the shortcut, and big box stores are full of products that only DIYers would use. Some are useful and even high quality, but when it comes to your floor, that’s literally where you’ve got to take a stand and do it right. The Forum agrees.

Original Post: Laminate/Pergo has come up in kitchen... can I lay vinyl tiles on top?

Mystery123 Member

Laminate/Pergo has come up in kitchen. In few areas, it grabs slippers and is a trip danger. Can I somehow glue those parts down and lay vinyl tiles on top, or need to completely remove the Pergo first?

Thanks for suggestions.

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joecaption1 Member

It all needs to go. It most likely failed because of moisture. What's it laid over? Why tiles and not sheet linoleum?

Mystery123 Member

I can use sheet. Tiles came in mind due to ease of installation (no glue needed, easy to carry and cut etc). I'll have to do the bathroom first. Kitchen is usable but definitely needs replacement.

joecaption1 Member

Is that a slab under that floor? If you’re talking about peel and stick tiles, I beg you to not ever consider them!