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This DIYer is getting ready to sell his home, but isn't sure what color of paint crown molding requires. The forum has some suggestions, as well as opinions on if painting for a house sale is even necessary.

Original Post: Painting Crown Molding

Marvinator Member

My wife and I are finally painting our bedroom (in preparation for selling) and I get to paint over the pink. We have chosen a medium to light tan for the walls and white for the trim, baseboards, and doors. I will also be painting the ceiling white. (It's now a very light pink.)

My question has to do with the crown molding. I think if the ceiling is white, painting it white will cause it to be rather invisible. Is this OK? What other color should I go with? (I'm replacing the carpet with a light brown "hickory" shade of laminate.)

ShortyLong Member

Why are you doing all that work if you are going to sell the house? Young couples are going to change everything that you do. Whatever you do won't make or break the sale. Don't waste your time.

Gunguy45 Super Moderator

I have to somewhat agree with Shorty. Other than maybe a coat of basic off-white, any money you spend on decorating or improvements is just money out of your pocket. People buy based on what THEY see a house becoming— not what you made it.

Declutter, declutter, declutter. Clean, clean, clean. Curb appeal is one thing; some cheap blooms in a planter or bed is always nice, but selling the house once they are inside is the agent's job. Didn't really answer the question, but it's the truth. Only major bath and kitchen renovations or additions give a return. Even then, it can't be one of those "What were they thinking?" type re-dos.

Shadeladie Member

If you are going to paint, I'd just paint them white. I like off-whites and mine are all off-white with white ceilings. You still see it. Unless they're stained, they don't need to stand out.

Marq1 Member

"Don't waste your time." Completely disagree! Anybody selling a house wants to present their house in tiptop condition. Anything, and I mean anything, that shows a lack of maintenance or disrepair will be a focal point for buyers to attempt to gain a financial advantage. Granted, some may want to change things, but it's much more common for buyers to want a move-in ready house. You are doing the right thing to make the inexpensive improvements that will bring top dollar to your house.

Gunguy45 Super Moderator

Maintenance and repair are one thing. Cosmetic items are another. Move-in ready to me means that everything is clean, nothing needs to be fixed or replaced, everything works as it should, and there aren't any hidden gremlins in the attic or basement the buyer isn't telling me about.

Marvinator Member

All I wanted was some advice on the crown molding. LOL.

I have to agree on making your house look good for a sale. But, to be honest, I'm not painting just to paint. The walls need repair, and we decided to repaint neutral rather than attempt to match the pink. The rest of the house has been recently painted with more neutral colors, which I'm told helps sales.

So, we're back to the question of what color to do the crown. White and it won't stand out. A medium brown to make it stand out?

ShortyLong Member

"Granted, some may want to change things, but it's much more common for buyers to want a move-in ready house." Those days are gone. Young couples are different these days. I know a place where the common practice is to level the house to the foundation and rebuild. Paint on crown molding means nothing.

XSleeper Forum Topic Moderator

Almost all ceilings are white. Almost all crown molding is white. If you decide to paint, ceilings look best with flat paint and crown looks best with semi-gloss or gloss trim enamel. The sheen is what makes it pop, not the color. Unless you want it to stand out like a sore thumb, the crown isn't generally the focal point of the room.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

I've almost always painted the crown molding the same color as the rest of the woodwork. If the ceiling is white and the trim is white, it doesn't mean the crown will be hidden. Ceilings typically get painted with flat paint while the woodwork will be painted with an enamel—typically semi-gloss.

Marvinator Member

I can agree: white flat ceilings with white semi-gloss crown and trim. Thanks!

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