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In this particular thread, we get back to basics. What is the best way to repaint your metal exterior doors? What paint do you use? Is sanding a must-do? Here's what these DIYers have to say.

Original Post: Repainting Exterior Metal Doors

mcdoerr Member

I have two exterior doors that the previous owner painted. I believe they were primed steel doors. The paint they put on feels sticky. I want to paint them a different color. Do I need to do anything to them before I paint another color on them?

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joecaption Member

Need to de-grease, very light sand, clean again then paint with a quality latex paint.

DO not paint them a dark color if they're in the direct sun!

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Most steel door manufacturers state the doors should only be painted with latex. Some of the cheaper latex enamels will stay tacky around the weatherstripping. Tackiness elsewhere usually indicates oils or some other contaminate on the door. Cleaning, sanding, and applying a quality latex paint is the fix. Be sure to rinse off the cleaner that you use.

mcdoerr Original Poster

OK, thanks again ! I was hoping I didn't have to sand. What is the reason to not paint the door a dark color?

stickshift Group Moderator

Dark colors absorb sunlight better, so the door will expand and contract much more with changes in temperature as a result. This is hard on the paint.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

The biggest reason you are supposed to paint most modern steel doors with latex is because the metal is thin. Latex paint will flex a tad, oil will not. As SS said, dark colors make the expansion/contraction worse.

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