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Original Post: Replacing a Bathtub

dj322 Member

I am planning on replacing my alcove bathtub. I intend to remove only one line of tile above the bathtub so I can get it out and put the new one in. My question is, once I have removed the tile do I cut away the backerboard from behind the one row of tiles?

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Pilot Dane Group Moderator

I think a lot depends on what you find once you open up the wall. If you have a shower I'd wait and see what was used for a membrane and if you can keep what's there. If there was no membrane I almost want to say just tear down all the tile and re-do the shower surround properly.

If there is no shower and this is just tile around the tub then again it depends on what you find. I have seen the backer extended down over the tub's flange and I have also seen it stop at the top of the flange but in most cases it extends over. If your tile is big enough you could attach a new strip of backer but I wouldn't try a strip smaller than maybe 6" and larger would be better for stability even if it requires taking off more rows of tile.

dj322 Member

I do have a tap with a diverter knob to the shower head. Its a 1995 condo building.

czizzi Forum Topic Moderator

A thin strip of cement board will have very little strength. It is not designed as a structural piece and relies on a full face of rigid tile and thinset mortar to stiffen it up after installation. If going this route, may want to install blocking behind to provide a stiffness to the backerboard before tape, mud and redgard.

dj322 Member

How about Densshield instead? I am thinking I may just tear down all the tiles are start from scratch.

Pilot Dane Group Moderator

There is nothing wrong with cement board or Hardie Backer. The problem is if you want to install only a narrow strip. If you are now deciding to do the whole shower then there are numerous products you could use.

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