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Original Post: Faucet lines are too short

pporto_22 - Member

My wife bought a faucet from IKEA which has water lines which I think are permanently attached to the faucet. There certainly isn't any way to tell. Even if they aren't, it is a pain in the arse trying to deal with IKEA, and, in any case, I would rather not mess with them. And I really don't want to spend the time to alter the existing piping. It there any problem with me putting something in place to extend the faucet's water lines? What would would be the way to do it?

ray2047 - Member

Post a picture of the faucet and the ends of the lines. You should be able to extend them with new supply lines or connect to your existing supply lines but we need to know if they are ½" male pipe thread or what.

Handyman663 - Member

As Ray said, you should be able to easily extend supply lines. Having said that, after a couple experiences with IKEA plumbing stuff, I would stick to furniture.

Furd - Member

A few years ago I installed a new kitchen faucet for a friend. The attached piping on the faucet was not long enough to reach the shut-off valves so I had to add regular flexible hoses made for faucet installations. To couple the new hoses and the faucet hoses I had to use standard 3/8 inch compression unions, throwing away the nuts and ferrules and only using the union body.

pporto_22 - Thread Starter

Here are pictures. The ends of the hoses connect perfectly to my 3/8" valves. I just wish they were about 8 inches longer.

plumbing faucet hose

plumbing faucet hose

plumbing faucet hose

joecaption - Member

Take the faucet to any box store to see what size lines will connect to what you have.

Find one that matches the tread but too long then just make a simple loop with the flex line.

I have to agree, there's been hundreds of post about the plumbing and electrical issues coming from Ikea.

That would have been one of the last items I would have bought from them, where do you plan on finding parts for it?

If it was mine I would return it and buy a Moen so I can find parts.

Furd - Member

Go to the homecenter and buy two 3/8 inch brass compression unions and follow my instructions in post #4.

Sioux Chief 3/8 in. x 3/8 in. Lead-Free Brass Compression x Compression Union with Insert-909-121001 - The Home Depot

joecaption - Member

That sure looks bigger then 3/8.

May need this one, only way to know what it is and if it fits is to do as I suggested and take it with you.

Sioux Chief 1/2 in. x 3/8 in. Brass Female Compression x Compression Adapter-909-47161001 - The Home Depot

Furd - Member

Doesn't look big enough to be 1/2 inch. It could be some crazy European Metric thread for all I know.

I wholeheartedly agree with returning that faucet and buying a Moen.

lawrosa - Super Moderator

The correct method would be using 2 delta supplies as extensions.. ( Thats what they were called in the 80's as only delta made them..)

I'm sure they may make a flexible version... Not sure... Here's a Home Depot option.

guy48065 - Member

Mike those extensions are getting hard to find in stores. I wanted to use them under a pedestal sink recently because the pedestal wouldn't hide the plumbing and I didn't want to cobble together the supply using brass compression connectors. Finally found the extensions at the largest/oldest/best plumbing supply in the county and they had them stashed in the back store room. If I hadn't lucked into a grizzled old counter guy to help me I still would be looking. Even your Home Depot link was for online-only.

Handyone - Member

"those extensions are getting hard to find in stores"

The Delta type extensions are very hard to find, Lowe's is the only store I know that carries them (in store only) and I live in a large city.

Here's a link.

The specs on the Lowes site are incorrect, it says 3/8 x 1/2. This line is 3/8" male compression by 3/8" female compression and I always keep a few on hand.

Like Furd said, the unions will work, but it's nice to keep fittings to a minimum if possible.

pporto_22 - Thread Starter

Well, I took the long way around on this one. I found 3/8 to1/4 and 3/8 to 3/8 unions at Home Depot, but not supply lines that would work as an extension. Then, stupid me, I realized that I have PEX piping that I can very easily extend. The IKEA faucet has a 10-year warranty, so it's not worth the hassle to return it. But I do have another plumbing issue that I'll post.

Thanks for all the help, guys and gals.

stickshift - Group Moderator

"The IKEA faucet has a 10-year warranty"

Moen is warranted for life.

Just saying.

pporto_22 - Thread Starter

I know. I have always used Moen faucets, and their warranty service is excellent. I don't have time right now to go through the return process and shop for a new faucet.