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Get the mower out because it’s time for some lawn care. But when the thing starts up it revs like mad. That can’t be right. When you put it away for winter it worked fine, but every spring, the same problem. What can it be? Ask the Forum.

Original Post: A little humor

mowerdude Member

“How do I fix this??? Causes high rev.” Third year in a row for this repair. Do I tell customer to get a cat or poison?? Just thought I’d pass this on. Some days on here you read posts of high revs.

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chandler Forum Topic Moderator

I think the pick-up is too close to the flywheel, not sure. Maybe that's the problem. Other than that, all is normal. Mouser, for sure!

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Gotta love repeat customers. Is the mouse on commission?

mowerdude Member

Every year my customer brings this mower to me and yes for three years the same problem. The mouse builds a nest which will not let the gov arm blow away from WOT. So same ole thing. Take the nest out and all is well. Runs great! Yes, he may be getting something marksr. Maybe a piece of cheese - food that is!

cheese Forum Topic Moderator

"maybe a piece of cheese , food that is!"


mowerdude Member

I thought you'd get a chuckle out of that.

Northern Mike Forum Topic Moderator

Haha. That mouse knows exactly what he's doing. I have a cat, as does the church next door. The birds instead build their nest in the ducting for my bathroom vents, 3 stories up (where the cats can't get them).
I pulled out about half a garbage bag worth of leaves, grass, etc, out of the ducts for my two bathroom fan vents.

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