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Florida house with stucco exterior

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Original Post: Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Choice, Florida

jjrbus Member

I already did a search on this and did not find anything recent. SW (Sherman Williams) has several exterior paint choices: emerald, duration, super paint, and A100.

I like SW; the store is close, and right now they have a 40% off sale. I am not going to paint for a month or so, but I have till Monday to buy paint at 40% off, so really not a lot of time to research this.

Which one might be my best choice for painting a stucco exterior with aluminum trim in Florida? Everything including the aluminum trim already has at least one coat of paint on it in good condition.

I have a sprayer available, but will likely roll and brush. Any other questions I should be asking?


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marksr Forum Topic Moderator

While any of those should do a good job, generally the better the paint, the longer it will last, AND if you consider the labor, the extra coating cost is minimal. I like the SuperPaint, both how it applies and performs. I've only used a little Duration and don't think I've used the Emerald. A-100 is good paint, but SuperPaint is better.

Prep is key on any paint job! All chalk must be either washed off or be chemically binded. Paint will not adhere long term to chalk! There are oil-based masonry sealers that work well, or you can add Flood's Emulsa Bond to the 1st coat of latex.

CarbideTipped Member

My only experience with Emerald is on wood siding. Don't know about durability yet, but it goes on beautifully. It goes on thick, and coverage was 200-250 sq feet a gallon, which at $79 list per gallon makes it very expensive, even when buying at 40% off. But as marksr said, the labor is the big factor. I've used a lot of Superpaint too, and agree with marksr that it's good paint as well, plus it's been around for ages and has a good track record; Emerald is fairly new.

jjrbus Member and Original Poster

1st coat of latex?? That is not very encouraging.

There are lots of rave reviews on the Emerald, but I am not using it. Too many think a new expensive product is the best. Also says a quick flash, not good for a pokey old man.

I am between the Duration and Super Paint. Duration has good reviews and goes on thicker than Super paint, but I have a very heavy texture stucco, and I suspect I cannot cover in one coat anyway. So the second coat of Super paint would give me about the same thickness if I need a second coat? The body of the house will be SW Doeskin #SW6044 over white, going by a paint can I found in the attic, I suspect the white was a gloss white when applied--some off brand I have never heard of.

While I mull this over, I will have to read up on Emulsa Bond, as the paint on my house is chalky. I am aware that prep is 80% of a good paint job.

Thanks for the quick response. Have many more questions, but for now need to buy the paint at 40% off.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Stucco covers well, so you might only need one coat. EB is formulated in a way that works well on the 1st coat of paint [or latex primer] but shouldn't be added to 2nd. How much EB to add depends on how bad the chalk is.

I'd wash the house with a bleach/water solution and TSP, let it set but not dry and then rinse with a pressure washer. [Be careful around windows/doors and the soffit.] That should remove some [maybe most] of the chalk.

CT - are you trying to make me feel old Here on we enjoy providing a place where home improvement novicIf you're scratching your head because you're stuck on which paint to use for th I always looked at SuperPaint as one of SW's newer coatings. I always thought A-100 was good paint until they came out with super paint 20 [?] yrs ago.

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