Hot Topics: This Woodpecker Keeps Attacking My House

A closeup view of a male Pileated Woodpecker.

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When you live where woodpeckers live, they’re going to make their presence felt (or heard). These creatures of habit will return to the same spot again and again, showing up at the same time every day. What do you do when your house is on the menu? The Forum drills down into the question.

Original Post: Woodpecker Problem

Jerry8A Member

I am trying to determine if bugs on my wood siding is drawing woodpeckers. So, I have two questions.

1. I live in Indiana and am currently experiencing below freezing weather. A woodpecker hit my house. Can I assume, since bugs would not appear in freezing weather, that my siding would not have bugs or insects in or behind my siding that would draw woodpeckers?

2. Is there an additive to house paint that will inhibit the problem of woodpeckers? I seem to have them all year.

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marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Woodpeckers are attracted by the noise made by insects, sometimes they can mistake the expansion/contraction of styrofoam for that noise.

I know of no pant additive that discourages woodpeckers.

Tolyn Ironhand Group Moderator

Hang some CD's (Any Justin Bieber disc will do) from string off the soffit/fascia. The spinning and flashing might scare them away.

Jerry8A Member

Thanks for your replies. I am assuming your responses infer that because of cold weather, insects would not be attracting the woodpeckers.

As for the styrofoam, would that be the insulation behind my siding?

As for the hanging discs, I agree that can be a deterrent. Last summer I attached some silver plated screening that could flap in the wind next to where the woodpeckers had attacked. That appeared to do some help. The area that is currently being attacked does not have that screening. I just did not expect it in the winter.

joecaption1 Member

There's two reasons they do this, as already mentioned insects, but sometimes it to attract a mate.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

“I am assuming your responses infer that because of cold weather, insects would not be attracting the woodpeckers.”

I wouldn't say for sure it's not insects but would think that the cold weather would make it less likely. Locally there has been a problem with houses sided with Drivet where the woodpeckers would tear up the stucco thinking there was a meal in the styrofoam.

Jerry8A Member

Thanks for the added information. I contacted Sherwin Williams about a paint additive and although they did not have it, they referred me to a link noted below. The first link is their referral and the second link is another product offered by the same company.

Solve woodpecker problems with woodpecker repellent paint additive that humanely deters problem woodpeckers

woodpecker problems with...

If anyone would have an input on the effectiveness of these type of products, I would like to hear from you.



I had never heard of that product and if you just had wood trim I'd be inclined to try it, but at one bottle per gallon of paint - that would be awfully expensive to use on the siding.

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