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A toilet in a bathroom with bright light and white surfaces

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A weak flushing mechanism leads this DIYer on a search for a new toilet. The Forum has lots of opinions on which is the best and what to look for.

Original Post: Need advice on toilet purchase

femaleDIY Member

My "new to me" home has a horrible, inadequate toilet. It has a very weak flush so it doesn't handle solid waste without clogging. I never saw a toilet like this with a very different tank mechanism. Home Depot sells these as "Glacier Bay" and this one costs $39. Looks like some Third World flusher.

I need advice on what toilet to buy to replace this piece of junk. I want one with a good strong flush and a wider outlet to handle solid waste without chronic clogging, but I don't need dual flush. And I don't want a noisy pressure assist.

I'm considering Toto Drake® Two-Piece Toilet, 1.6 GPF, ADA Compliant, Elongated Bowl, but it's a bit pricey. Is there a comparable American Standard or other big name toilet brand you might recommend that's a bit cheaper?

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Looks to me like the water saver feature is the issue. Is it possible to remove it and use the tank like it was originally intended?

femaleDIY Member

I don't know whether a standard flush system can be installed. I haven't pulled out the bucket to see what is under it. (Does it have holes for universal fill and overflow valve of correct size and location? Flapper?) The flush handle is on the left side of tank, not on the front upper corner.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

It looks like a normal tank that had been retrofitted to use less water, which is likely the problem. I think most modern tanks now use 1.5 gallons which I'm sure would do better than the current set-up.

ray2047 Group Moderator

Looks like something advertised on late night TV: "And the first 500 callers get a free roll of toilet paper."

I have always thought if you want different the way to go was a pressure toilet.

femaleDIY Member

My issue with pressure is that most older toilets have a smaller flush valve (2") and narrower trap with way with sharper angle turns. Adding pressure to LARGE solid waste isn't going to push it through.

The Toto Drake has a 3-inch flush valve and a bigger and straighter trap design. Things just go. There's a YouTube video where a guy flushed 24 golf balls at once. Don't think pressure would do that on a standard design trap and flush valve.

stickshift Group Moderator

American Standard Champion IV. 1.28 gallons per flush. Installed one last fall at the endorsement of many here and I've been pleased with it.

czizzi Forum Topic Moderator

The Champion 4 MAX toilet from American Standard is a good toilet and the unique flush mechanism dumps a lot of water fast down a big throat so a powerful flush. I have installed dozens of Mansfield toilets in hotels that operate fine and never had an issue. Upgrade the fill valve from the ball float to a Fluidmaster 400 and you will still save money over the top of the line.

Furd Member

I would advise replacing the toilet with the retrofit water saver. The first generation of water-saving toilets performed poorly (to very poorly) and the same is true of any toilet that was retrofitted to save water. Toilets today are computer-designed to flush efficiently with a minimum amount of water. My water consumption dropped significantly when I replaced the original toilets with the 1.6 gpf models.