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Have a mystery tree or is your fruit being gobbled up by an unknown pest? This week one member has a problem with a fruit tree and birds might be the culprit.

Original Post: What Is This Tree / Pests Eating the Fruit

Zyclone Member

Does anyone know what this tree is? Last year it produced fruit that look like apples, but they don't taste like an apple...

Also, the fruit were being half eaten so I figured it was the rats, so I wrapped the trunk with a metal sheet. But lately I feel like the tree is getting completely plucked off even before a medium size fruit develops...

I was thinking previously it might be crows doing it.. but today I was looking around the tree and saw a feather sticking to a branch. What is a good way to keep birds out of the tree. It’s a mature tree. Fairly big, I'd hate to wrap it in bird netting, I imagine that's a huge pain to actually harvest or take off completely one day. I saw online that hanging CDs like Christmas ornaments around the tree might keep birds away. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Another concern I have is some of the roots are visible in the base and they keep sprouting upward even after I trim them. I don't want to chop the entire root off and damage the tree in the process.

All suggestions welcome!

crabapple tree in a yard

crabapple tree with a feather

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Pulpo Member

Why don't you want the birds, in the tree? Don't birds belong, in trees?

Shadeladie Super Moderator

It looks like a crabapple tree. I agree that birds belong in a tree. Not understanding why you'd want to keep them out. Don't have an answer about the roots.

Zyclone Member

I don't want birds that eat my fruits guys... more specifically crows.

Gunguy45 Member

If it really is crabapple...I don't think they have a lot of use? More decorative use in some areas and used to attract bees and other pollinators.

I'd suggest checking with a local nursery.

If it was really crows, you'd know. A murder of crows aren't quiet. The ravens out here are a bit more solitary, but still make a lot of noise.

I'm not sure what kind of bird (if it was a bird) that "feather" came from, but you'd see them if anyone was home during the day or afternoon. When my pomegranates fruit up, the tree is full of sparrows and other seed eaters all day, sunup to sunrise.

Shadeladie Super Moderator

Most people plant crabapple trees just to attract birds, because most people like birds. Any rate, you can't get rid of them. Maybe you should move to an urban area? Not trying to be smart or funny, but most people that live around trees and nature, also like wildlife. Just not understanding your mindset.

Crabapples aren't very good for eating, so I don't think worth protecting anyways.

Bud9051 Member

If it is a crab apple it isn't the type we have here on the east coast. I'd take those pictures to a local nursery where they would be familiar with local trees. Since it was planted there on purpose it should have flowers or fruit as the objective.

Try searching on this: "small green fruit California tree pictures"

I tried to focus on the leaves as they seem to be more distinctive when viewing those pictures. If you cut one open, what do you see. Strange, but an orange fruit among those pictures looks similar.

As for critters, I would consider squirrels.

If it is a crab apple, cutting one of the green fruit open would look just like a regular apple. I couldn't tell from the picture just how big that fruit is.

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