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Even a veteran can’t know everything, or at least can’t be expected to keep track of everything he knows. There are a lot of tools and materials out there, with all kinds of variations. When you find something you don’t know how to use, don’t be shy, take a picture and consult the Forum. They won’t even make fun of you.

Original Post: How do you install these toggle switches? (Small body, no apparent mounts?)

Nick D. Member

Cleaned a bit of the basement today and unearthed a small stash of 'lectricians goodies. Everything is familiar to me, excepting 5 toggles that I found.

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PJmax Forum Topic Moderator

Those mount in snap-in plates for a custom setup. Look up despard devices.

Furd Member

You insert the switch in the yoke and then using a small screwdriver bend the tab (shown on the right in this image) to lock the device in place.

despard device

(Image courtesy of Kyle Design.)

Nick D. Member

Thanks, guys! I feel stupid now... the name "Despard" brought back some memories.

Furd Member

When I was your age my daddy would ask me a question and when I replied that I didn't know he would berate me with, "I thought you knew everything!" I would then reply that I knew ALMOST everything but with all there was to know I couldn't possibly know it all.

JerseyMatt Member

You're never too young to have a senior moment...