Hottest Tile Trends to Transform Your Bathroom or Kitchen

kitchen with metallic tile backsplash

The tile you choose as a backsplash in your kitchen or around your shower can captivate onlookers or simply go unnoticed. To go bold or keep it simple is your choice, but you should know that this year tile trends are leaning toward flashy and eye-cathing, rather than subtle and boring.

So, treat your tile like the artwork it should be and create a wall or floor that truly dazzles your guests.


kitchen with metallic backsplash

If you're looking for a tile that goes great with everything from intense, daring colors to neutral shades, metallic tiles are just what you need.

Shiny metallic tiles can look sophisticated or playful, luxurious or industrial, vintage or modern. How you arrange them in shape, size, or color is up to you because this lustrous tile trend looks good no matter how you do it.

Floral Designs

Patterned tiles are taking over floors and walls in a big way! Now more than ever, old world methods are being combined with modern designs to create gorgeous floral tiles.

Floral tiles can either be created in a glass mosaic, or even hand-painted ceramic or porcelain tile. If you're looking for a simple way to achieve a floral tile though, you can buy floral patterns already printed on them. Keep in mind, if you're going to do a floral tile, you really should take a risk and go big with it!

Subway Tiles

bathroom subway tile pattern

That classic 3x6 subway tile will continue to enter our homes in kitchens and bathrooms alike. This season, homeowners are encouraged to add a twist to their subway tile design by going bigger, brighter, and even vertical.

If you're thinking of doing subway tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, forgo that traditional white and look for glassy and shiny, reflective and colorful. Even dare to arrange them in a pattern that goes beyond the basic brick repetition.


Mosaic tile art has been trendy throughout history, but rather than intricate, detailed artwork, modern tile mosaics are more abstract. Homeowners can even buy them in square sheets for easy installation.

If you want to make your mosaic tiles look more modern, use larger tiles with more color, patterns and personality. When done right, your mosaic can easily go from a beautiful focal point to a lovely artistic piece all on its own.


colorful kitchen backsplash

A lot of people are going to really enjoy blue as the dominating color trend for tiles this year, although various shades of green, yellow, and metallic will also be popular. Kitchen splashbacks and feature walls will also be super bright and playful with endless tile colors available to suit everyone's tastes and budget. Because this year, the more colors, the better.

If you're feeling really creative, color blocking is definitely a thing in 2016 when it comes to tiles. Just mix and match large chunks of colors together when placing your tiles and – ta-da! - your home is all the rage!

For those who feel bright and bold colors aren't really their thing, tiles in shades of grey are still in as the modern designer's best friend. When using a tile that has a more neutral color, it's recommended that you at least spruce it up with either texture, overlaid patterns or chromatic variations.


Marble is still considered a high-end, luxurious tile that creates a feel of sophistication. Best part is, it doesn't even have to be real marble.

Marble isn't the only popular stone this year; onyx, limestone, travertine, and sandstone are right up there in popularity. With today's technology and manufacturing, it's possible to recreate the look of real stone in a near replica. This makes it easy for anyone to enjoy stone tiles, or at least a close likeness to real stone tiles, at an affordable price.

Clearly homeowners are realizing that tiles have a lot more potential than it's been given the past couple of decades. We want big; we want bold; we want colorful, fun and interesting! This year, we're going to get that with tiles!

Creative Shapes

kitchen with metallic backsplash

Traditionally tiles are either square or rectangle, but this year people are going to crave something new and exciting, bringing creative shapes into their homes with tiles. Hexagons, chevron designs and other geometric shapes will be used to enhance the mood and tone in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere.

Because, let's face it, there are so many options these days! You can get tiles in any and every shape you want from triangles to stars, to even diamonds, so why stick to a regular rectangle?

Depth and Dimension

Three-dimensional tiles play with shadow and light, rather than color and pattern. The visual appeal of tiles that have depth and dimension make them very desirable.

Thanks to evolving technology, tiles can be made with folds, waves, raised geometry and asymmetrical profiles, giving homes a sculptured, artistic look and feel that naturally draws attention to it. So, if you're looking for a tiled wall that will make a big statement, why not try this tile trend in 2022?