House Wrap

The house wrap is an important feature of all houses because it allows moisture to pass through but not the air. This allows houses to be more energy efficient because the air has trouble getting into the house. Recent times have shown us that this is definitely the most important principle of house wrap.

Some of the new materials that are being used for house wrap don’t allow for the houses to dry out. The siding doesn’t fully protect the insulation and a huge problem is that once it gets wet it’s more likely to rot and stay wet. The house wrap has to allow for the water to drain back out of it.

Best Materials for a House Wrap

Two good choices for house wrap happen to be Tyvek and Typar. The two offer very good performance and allow for the house wrap to do its job of letting water back out and stopping air. Finally make sure that the wrap is installed properly. Too often the house wrap doesn’t get installed properly and is incomplete. Make sure that the gable ends are fully wrapped too. This is a huge problem that’s often overlooked.