Household Objects that can Reduce the Humidity Level in the Garage

When it seems that the humidity level in your garage is at the point where it is going to start damaging tools, or other items that you store there, you can use some household objects to reduce these levels. One option is to install an expensive ventilation system, but this is not required if you take a few steps with normal objects.

Open the Door

When the air is stagnant it has a tendency to hold a lot of moisture. When you open the door you allow air to circulate through your garage. Of course, this will not work if it is raining. 

Use a Fan

The more the air is able to circulate in your garage, the less humidity you will find there. Even on days when you have the door open, you should have a fan operating in a corner. However, a fan really helps when it is raining outside.

Place a Few Plants

You would not think of a garage as a place to leave some plants, but there are a few that will do well in the garage and keep the humidity levels low. A small cactus plant is great for garages as they do not need a lot of care. They will also draw a lot of the moisture out of the air for their use.