Household Pet Cleaning Products: How to Remove Blood Stains with Milk

What You'll Need
Dry cloth
Cold running water

There are many pet cleaning products that are made of regular household items. Milk is a good example. Although generally only thought of as something to drink, you can also use it for removing blood stains from clothing. Many pet cleaning products can be used for cleaning up stains. Be aware, however, that you shouldn’t use milk to clean up a blood stain on the carpet.

Step 1 - Blood

A cat can scratch you or bite you and leave a little blood on your clothes, or even on some upholstery. You need to get the blood out of those clothes, and the job will be easier if you do it as soon as possible. In the case of clothing, remove it. With upholstery, take it off the furniture. You can do this with all types of fabrics. The only thing that’s important is that it can be soaked and then fully rinsed. This is why milk won’t work on carpets-there’s no way to rinse it properly.

Step 2 - Milk

The enzymes in milk are good at removing blood. It’s vital, though, that the milk is rinse out after, or the fabric will take on that sour milk smell. After rinsing the fabric will still need to be washed properly to be considered fully cleaned.

Step 3 - Soaking

With an item of clothing which just has a small spot of blood you can simply pour milk on the stain. Where there’s more blood you will need to soak the item in a blow that’s been filled with milk. The important thing is to keep the milk on the blood for several minutes.

This gives the milk time to work. It will need about 15 minutes for the enzymes to work and loosen the blood from the material. Check after a few minutes and then keep checking until the blood is loose on the fabric. Remove the item from the milk and blot the stain with a clean cloth. This will remove the blood from the item.

Step 4 - Rinsing

After you’ve blotted the stain using milk as a pet cleaning product, you need to rinse the mil and the last of the blood out of the fabric. Use cold running water for this. A thorough rinsing is important, and you need to be sure you only use cold water. If you use warm or hot water you’ll simply fix any blood that remains in the fabric.

Step 5 - Washing

Pet cleaning products like milk will remove the blood stain but before you can wear a piece of clothing or put the upholstery back on the furniture the item will need to be washed. This will remove the rest of the milk. Use a warm wash or whatever is appropriate for the item.

Doing this completes the process of using the milk as a pet cleaning product. You’ll find the stain completely gone and the garment or fabric just as good as new.