Houseplant Trends for 2019

A close -up of a trendy 2010 houseplant, the rubber plant.

Houseplants have a way of brightening up any space. They bring some of the natural world inside, and they're a classic addition to any decor. Houseplants also have the ability to freshen the air, so they actually improve your environment and keep you just a little bit healthier overall. If you want to add some life to your home in 2019, turn to these trends to get the most stylish plants for your house. (Because if you're going to have plants anyway, why not choose the most fashionable ones?)

Get a Fern

A potted fern, which is a trendy houseplant for 2019.

Ferns are going to be big in 2019, so start celebrating the trend right now. Ferns come in a huge array of varieties and they have a distinct, leafy style that adds beauty to any space. Ferns are also pretty easy to grow and some varieties can be fairly tough as plants go, which makes them a low-maintenance addition to any household. Give them some shade and a little bit of light, and most varieties of ferns will grow just fine. Just remember that most ferns require moist soil, so check your pots every day to keep your plants healthy and happy.

Think Retro

Nostalgia has been sweeping houseplant enthusiasts, and plants that were hot decades ago have been making a huge comeback. If it's old-fashioned, then it's probably hip as heck in today's houseplant market. If you're looking for something trendy to add to your home, consider a ficus or a philodendron. Popular in the '60s and '70s, they're leading a current surge in hot houseplants. Right now, everything old is cool again—so embrace them!

Look for Foliage

A houseplant with wavy leaves that's trendy in 2019.

People aren't just embracing houseplants in home design—they're showing them off on social media. It's a huge online trend to post pictures of your houseplants, and that's why plants with interesting and unique foliage are trendy everywhere. Look for odd-shaped leaves and unique colors, and you'll have a stylish addition to your home decor that you won't be able to keep off social media.

Let’s Get Tropical

If you want a showy houseplant designed to star in any space, look for something tropical. It’s very trendy to have tropical houseplants, and they're an easy way to fill up any dead space in your design scheme. Tropical plants can be more difficult to care for than others, so make it part of your regular routine to check the soil and remove dead leaves. Take good care of your tropical plants, and they will continue to fill your home with stunning life and color.

Decorating with Plants

A white hutch with some trendy houseplants for 2019 surrounding it.

If you're going to incorporate houseplants into your home design, think big. Plants are no longer being used as merely decorative accents. In many of today's modern designs, plants are taking center stage. Consider a large display featuring multiple plants, and don't shy away from growing wider or taller plants while you're at it. Lots of leaves and big plants are totally trendy in 2022 so don't be afraid to experiment with some bold, eye-catching plant decorating ideas.

When it comes to placing plants in your home, start thinking outside the box. Lots of designers are eschewing the traditional plant stands and windowsills to place plants in more creative places. Look for space on shelves, on top of cabinets, and on counters to put plants in unexpected places.

Natural beauty can add a lot to your home, and trendy styles are always fun to play around with when it comes to design. So have some fun with your plants, and explore some of the big style trends in 2019.