How Gravity Assisted Toilets Work

open toilet in a small stall

Most people understand and recognize a toilet flush system. Every toilet has a handle lever or a push button to start the flushing process. When the handle is pulled, it lifts a chain that is attached to a flush valve. That action allows the water inside the tank to flow into the toilet bowl.

How It Works

The cascading freshwater forces the water and waste into the waste pipe. The water supply attached to the toilet pipe then refills the tank. As the water rises, the float ball, which is attached to the ball cock, rises with the water until the level is sufficient that the supply shuts off. The vertical overflow pipe is then activated if the water does indeed rise higher than it should.

Why it is Better

These toilets have proved so successful over the years that their style has changed very little. After all, if it isn't broken, don't fit it. The simplicity of these toilets has withstood the test of time. Although pressure-assisted toilets are available, they are not nearly as popular, and the parts are difficult to acquire. Gravity toilets rule the roost.