How a Jawhorse Works

A jawhorse is a special type of work bench which is extremely popular. Jawhorses are very strong and durable pieces of equipment which will make numerous projects much simpler.

What Is a Jawhorse?

Jawhorses is structurally a saw horse with a built in clamp. It combines a work surface and a stabilizer that can support most any project. A jawhorse is not only a work bench, it's an entire work station which can replace numerous tools in your workshop, such as clamps, vises and sawhorses. A jawhorse provides you with an extra pair of hands which comes in helpful for all sorts of projects.


The jawhorse is a stand with a very strong, large clamp. As long as you can lift the object up to the height of the workbench then you will be able to clamp it in place. It's possible to use the jawhorse to clamp pretty much anything so that you have your hands free to cut or finish the entire project. It's possible to clamp large objects horizontally because it has a clamping width of 37 inches, this means that it's even possible to clamp doors.

There are also optional extensions which will enlarge the clamp so that it can accommodate 48 inches. This makes it possible to hold even larger items with the jawhorse.


The design of the jawhorse is very flexible, versatile and portable. This means that it's very easy to use as a workbench. A piece of plywood can easily be fixed to the top of the jawhorse using the clamp and you can then use this as a surface to work on. It's ideal to take on-site with you to complete various projects. Whenever you need a flat surface you will be able to use the jawhorse as a workbench.

As plywood is often available on-site you don't need to worry about taking any of this with you. You will be able to find a piece on-site and make it into your work surface.


Another feature of the jawhorse is that it has a very powerful one ton vice. This makes it possible to bend or straighten any thin to medium pieces of sheet metal. Jawhorses are constructed from very strong steel and have a much more powerful vise than most work benches. It has enough power to be compared to a one ton press.

Buying a Jawhorse

When buying a jawhorse there are many different brands and types available. It's important to spend time choosing the right type of jawhorse which will work well for you. For example if you are working on large objects such as doors then you will need to choose a hawhorse with the extensions to hold bigger objects.

A jawhorse is one of the few tools in your workshop which can be used for anything and everything. As soon as you get one you'll wonder how you managed without one.