How a Sliding Glass Door Lock Works

Sliding glass doors work differently than regular doors and therefore, need special sliding glass door locks installed on them. These sliding glass doors not just look beautiful; they are also very good for conserving space. Because sliding doors open sideways rather than opening outwards into the room as regular doors do, they work great in closed spaces that might not allow for doors to open into them.

Clasp Lock

This type of lock is commonly used for glass sliding doors. On these locks, there is a small lever on the door which works with the clasp mechanism. This mechanism happens to be on the inside shaft of the door. This clasp reaches out and is hooked to the small bar inside the opening of the door when someone turns the lever of the glass door.

Foot Bolt

Foot bolts are square-shaped devices which are installed in the upper and lower corners of the door with the help of a screwdriver. This bolt is filled with another spring-type bolt from the inside whose bolt is activated by the spring. When the glass sliding door is open, the spring inside the bolt contracts itself and hence, the foot bolt gets in the door which allows the slides to open because of availability of space. However, once the door is closed, this spring gets released resulting in a lock. In order to lock the door using foot bolts, there is usually a button that needs to be pressed down in order to release the spring, otherwise the door remains shut but not locked.

Cylinder Lock

Someone looking for a high-class or a quality security system can opt to purchase cylinder locks. These locks can be installed in sliding glass doors. These locks are considered to be safer since, without the key, the doors with cylinder locks can not be opened. The key is used with the cylinder which is attached to the end of the door. There are some doors with the cylinder locks secured at the center. These locks also use a lever that locks onto a stationary bar over the door frame and locks it into position.

Security Bar

If security is the prime focus of getting a sliding door lock, then one can opt for security bars as well. This type of lock actually seals the door by taking a bar that stations itself down at the bottom of the sliding track and restricts the sliding of the door. Normally these locks are made of strong metal in order to provide resistance to forcible entries.

Sliding glass doors look beautiful and enhance the beauty of your house but, they are not appropriate for every place. They are not good for public areas where security is doubtful. They are best for use inside private homes with good security, sliding doors can be used to decorate patios, balconies, bedroom closets and the list is endless. Choose from various types of glasses available on the market such as tinted glasses available in different shades, blind glasses and let your creativity run free.