How A Stump Grinder Works

A stump grinder is a machine armed with a hydraulically controlled arm at the end of which is a steel cutting wheel with forged steel teeth set around the perimeter. This wheel spins at high speed and has the same effect as a bench saw blade that is several inches thick.

Prepare the Stump

It is best to cut the stump back to near ground level with a chain saw. Clear away any rocks or stones around the stump.

Position the Stump Grinder

The stump grinder is self propelled and has a very comprehensive range of movement in the hydraulic arm. The machine should be set so that the cutting wheel is a few inches above the stump and between the stump and the stump grinder.

Start the Grinding Process

The tree stump grinder is powered by a petrol engine which spins the cutting wheel and provides the hydraulic power to control the arm. The arm is slowly lowered to the stump and the cutting wheel will grind into the stump.

Use the Arm to Control the Grinding

The flexibility of the arm allows the cutting wheel to be moved from side to side while reducing the stump to wood chips. The machine can be moved forward a few inches and the process repeated until the stump has been ground down to several inches below ground level.

A stump grinder is a powerful machine and should not be operated while anybody is in the area of the cutting wheel. Protective goggles should be worn by operatives and close observers because wood chips will be thrown into the air.