How a Vise Grip Works

If you are mechanically minded, you may be interested in how things work such as that pair of vise grip pliers you always seem to be using. Regular pliers have 1 pivot point, but vise grip pliers have multiple pivot points that apply direct pressure to the handle as it is squeezed. A vise is really just something that applies pressure once squeezed shut. Now you can find the squeezing power of the original vice grip pliers being applied to other vice grip pliers or wrenches too.

Vice Grip Pliers

Step 1 - Pivot Points

A pair of vise grip pliers has 3 different pivot points along the handle. The handle itself pivots around a lower pivot point and then causes the distance between the adjusting point (the second pivot point) to expand. Finally the third pivot point, which is located at the jaw of the pliers is forced closed. Vice grip pliers use various pivot points and levers to operate the device, so when being used, the force applied is exponential. For example, if you apply 15 pounds of pressure onto the vise grip pliers handle, then 150 pounds of force may be applied. So, with very little work on your part, a lot of force can be applied to that old, rusty bolt that you are trying to loosen up.

Step 2 - Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism on vise grip pliers is made up of 2 handles, 1 large and 1 small.You pull the 2 sets of handles apart and once they reach about 180 degrees, then the pliers will unlock. To lock the pliers, you turn the adjusting screw in order to tighten it around your bolt or nut and then squeeze the 2 handles back together.

Step 3 - Vice Grip Pipe Wrenches

One of the newest type of vice tools is the pipe wrench. Plumbers know it is a pain to have to turn the mechanical thumb wheel on regular pipe wrenches because it takes a lot of time. The new vice grip pipe wrench has a large button that you depress, which unlocks the teeth from the grooved channel built into the center of the wrench.

  • Simply slide the handle up and down until the pipe wrench jaws are in the position you desire.
  • Let go of the button that you've been holding and once again the teeth will lock into the grooved channel below. This type of pipe wrench is much faster to adjust and easier to use.

Step 4 - Vice Grip Channel Lock Pliers

Channel lock pliers can be too cumbersome to use and sometimes are difficult to lock. After use, the jaws can loosen up, making the pliers useless. Vice grip channel lock pliers are now available that work just like the above-mentioned pipe wrench.

Vice grip tools are ideal to use in any situation where you need a lot of force with little effort on your part. The new line of vise grip tools make it easier and faster for the professional to get their work done without having to worry about poor quality tools.