How a Wood Lathe Duplicator Works

What You'll Need
Wood Lathe
Wood Duplicator
Wood Turning Tools

One of the great tools that furniture makers use is a wood lathe duplicator. The wood lathe duplicator essentially lets you copy any piece that is already made. This is fantastic tool for making posts for beds, legs for tables, and any kind of replacement piece for refurbishing antiques. Using a duplicator is easy to do with a little practice.

Step 1: Set Up Duplicator

The duplicator is set onto a section of the lathe where you can copy another piece that is set on it at the same time. Place the original in the lathe chuck. Set the duplicator the right length, and depth of cuts, before you remove the original from the chuck.

Step 2: Set In New Piece of Wood

Place the new piece of wood in the lathe chuck, and carefully slide the duplicator up to the wood.

Step 3: Use Duplicator to Make Perfect Copy

Turn of the lathe and begin to push the chisels on the duplicator into the wood. Move the cutting tools carefully until the duplicator pin stops. Once you are done with the entire piece, you will have a perfect copy.

Step 4: Continue Duplicating

Once the first one is done, then you can continue making legs, or posts from the same duplication.