How an Exhaust Fan System works

bathroom exhaust fan

An exhaust fan system provides a number of benefits, including the purifying of air from pollution and excessive heat. Here's everything you need to know about the operation of a basic exhaust fan.

The Basic Procedure

Operating by electricity, the overall procedure involves an electric current that passes through the system to make the motor operate, and, in turn, this causes the fan’s blades to move.

The Blades’ Function

As the fan’s motor runs, the blades will start to turn. The rotation of the blades causes the hot air in the room to be pulled towards the fan and sort of absorbed. This hot air is released outside and in turn cooler and fresher air will start to fill the room. This flow of current will also reduce stagnation of air and is especially important and useful in rooms or areas that lack appropriate ventilation.

The Role of the Thermostat

Most exhaust fans feature a thermostat in their systems. This thermostat comes into play as soon as a certain relatively high temperature is reached inside the room or area. This will cause the exhaust fan to receive a signal. To put it simply, the motor will start running and the blades rotating so as to start working to regulate the temperature in the air until it becomes cooler.

The Fan’s Position

When one installs an exhaust fan, it is recommended that he or she places it as high up as possible. The closer it is to the ceiling, the better. This is because warm air rises upward, and hence, if the exhaust fan is lower down, it will miss a significant part of the hot air in the room and as a result it will not manage to operate as effectively. The more hot air reaches the exhaust fan the more it will be absorbed and eliminated from the room. Consequently, a fresher and cooler room will be achieved more quickly and more efficiently.

Different Uses and Functionalities

Exhaust fans are not only used to provide cooler air, but also to eliminate humidity. These features are especially present in bathrooms where a lot of water is released. An exhaust fan will help to absorb the moisture in the atmosphere within the room and as a result one will benefit from a reduction in problems such as mold and its resultant negative effects. Hence, it pays to have an exhaust fan in a bathroom, especially if it cannot be sufficiently ventilated. Exhaust fan systems are also useful to reduce odors from a room. Some are even being connected to the lights in a room so that as soon as the lights are turned on the exhaust fan will be switched on automatically as well.

Nowadays exhaust fans are being made in different sizes and in more modern designs. Furthermore, the noise factor is being given importance by most manufacturers and most new exhaust fans are much less noisier than past models. Being energy efficient is also another important aspect that is being adopted in most exhaust fans nowadays.