How Are Terrazzo Countertops Made?

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Terrazzo countertops are an eco-friendly and uniquely beautiful option for remodeling your kitchen. Because of the earth-friendly recycled components used in terrazzo and the cement or resin mixture that creates the base, the resulting countertop is affordable, resilient, and stunning.

Traditional Terrazzo

The technique for making terrazzo is the same for both countertops and other fixtures. The traditional manufacture of terrazzo involves laying two layers of concrete, one thick and one sandy, followed by a layer of pigmented marble chips for the top finish. This format requires a thicker application and more steps and precision than more contemporary materials.

Thin-set Terrazzo

Most terrazzo countertops produced today are of the thin-set variety. Thin-set terrazzo is made with an epoxy resin or other polymer type resin. As their name suggests, they are much thinner than traditional terrazzo. The process involved in their production includes pouring of the resin, partial curing, an additional layer of resin with the ground marble, glass or other environmentally friendly material rolled into the top surface before the final curing takes place. For countertops, the concrete or resin is poured into a mold to match the size of the countertop area, with seams created at joining areas and sink and appliance cutouts engineered into the mold before the pouring process takes place.