How Bug Juice Can Protect Your Organic Vegetables

What You'll Need
Bug juice
Coffee spray
Oil spray

When you grow organic vegetables, you have to be aware of what you use on them in terms of pest control. Those who aren’t going organic can use chemicals to eliminate the bugs but organic gardeners don't have this option. Apart from anything else, you don’t want to kill all the bugs because some are beneficial to vegetables. The idea is to keep the good bugs alive and kill off as many of the bad ones as possible.

Step 1 - Identifying Bugs

Before you can begin using bug juice on your organic vegetables to kill insects, you need to know which are good insects are which are bad ones. The best way to do this, apart from consulting books, is to observe your organic vegetables. Over time you’ll come to understand which insects damage your plants. To stop insects, you have to understand what they do and which part of the plant they attack.

Step 2-What Is Bug Juice?

Bug juice is exactly what it claims to be - a juice made from liquefied bugs. Grasshoppers are particularly common. Put them in a blender and turn on to liquefy. Take the finished solution and dilute so you use about 5 mil-liters of bug juice to 1 liter of water. The solution is put in a spray bottle and sprayed across the affected plants. However, this is pretty much a last resort to use once your organic vegetables are already infected with insects. As an insecticide, it’s very effective on a large number of insects. Once you get used to making it, it won’t seem too stomach-churning!.

There’s another type of bug juice you can make from snails and slugs. You need to collect a number of them and place them in a jar with water and a little sugar. This needs to spend a few days fermenting before you put it into a blender and liquefy everything. Dilute with water and spray around the plants to keep insects away. An oil spray will work on some insects. Put vegetable oil and liquid soap in a bowl in a ratio of 2 to 1. Blend them together and put in a jar. For a spray, use 1 tablespoon to 1 liter of water and spray the underside of leaves to remove scale.

Step 2 - Other Sprays

There are other types of spray you can make and use that are effective on their things in the garden. If you want to keep slugs away from your plants, for instance, use a coffee spray. This should be 1 part espresso to 10 parts water. Put into a bottle and spray around the plant roots to keep the slugs and snails at bay.

Step 3 - Defenses

There are other defense you can use to cut down on the need to bug juice which can stop insects before they do damage to your organic vegetables. You can set up what’s effectively an early warning system by using traps. There are many different types available and different traps catch different types of insects. If you’re after coddling moths, for example, put up a sticky trap that’s spherical and red. You’ll need to do your research to establish what type of trap appeals to what insect.