How Cost-Effective Is Mudjacking?

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Mudjacking is what you call placing a mixture of cement, dirt, and water under a slab of concrete to make it higher. The combination of these substances is known as slurry. Various companies that do this work will differ in the exact ingredients that they use. It also depends on the particular job they are doing.

Mudjacking is a great way to fix some of your problems with concrete. These could be a sinking foundation, curbs that are crumbling, or sidewalks that no longer look great. Another term for this is slab jacking.

There are various reasons why you would have to do slab jacking. It can be that the concrete is starting to settle or sink. Soil erosion is a common problem in several parts of the world because the ground has a natural tendency to settle after a couple of years. This can be a huge danger if left alone, so in some ways, you can say that slab jacking is a cost-effective thing to do.

How It Works

Mudjacking is very easy. The workers will begin by drilling a hole in the slab of concrete that they will lift. After this, they use a pressurized pump to insert the slurry. The hydraulics allow the slurry to raise the concrete to the height it needs to be. Once this is accomplished, the holes are filled in with a mixture of concrete.


You do get a lot of benefits out of slab jacking. You enjoy the safety and reassurance of not having to worry about walking hazards. You also protect your property against damage caused by water runoffs. It is a great preventive measure against bigger concrete problems where you will need to redo the whole thing.

While the process does not seem to be that difficult and complicated, it is something advised to be left to professionals. You can try other do-it-yourself projects, but this one is better done by somebody who has experience. An amateur can possibly cause more damage to the concrete. When this happens, you may be left with cement damage that can no longer be repaired, and you will have no choice but to replace the concrete.

A complete overhaul of concrete slabs will require more people and bigger equipment. This will cost you so much more than if you had left the slab jacking work to a professional. It also takes longer for a complete concrete overhaul to dry, whereas reinforcing concrete will only take several hours. You also save effort from having to move plants and other landscaping materials that may be in the way.

Another cost-effective benefit of doing this is that you do not have to spend on new cement. In fact, concrete that has aged is structurally stronger than new concrete.

The price that you pay for the slurry and the professional to do the work is nothing compared to how much you will spend if you let the concrete degrade even further. Save yourself from that extra cost and effort.