How Do Hinge Bolts Work?

Not many people are aware of hinge bolts and how they actually work. Some homeowners still have an external door that opens outwards. The thing with those kind of doors is that it's not at all safe. Anyone can access the hinge pins from outside and remove it. And before you know it, a burglar may already be inside your home. So how do you address this problem? The answer is hinge bolts! For a couple of bucks and your handy DIY skills, you can make your home safer and kids feel more secure.

Hinge Bolts and Security Hinges

Hinge bolts should not be mistaken with security hinges. While hinge bolts share the same principle as the security hinges, they are not the same. Hinge bolts have a metal bolt that fits into the door. Its metal plate comes with a hole for the bolt to fit into the door frame. The security hinge on the other hand has one leaf with metal folds that close into the other leaf's holes.

Installing Hinge Bolts

If your door opens wide enough to expose the edge, you can easily fit the bolts and drill it to the edge and door frame without having to remove the door. But if that is not the case, it will be easier to remove the door and replace the hinges with hinge bolts.