How Do I Know If My Air Purifier is Working?

An air purifier.

An air purifier is an important appliance in homes and office areas, especially when someone smokes or has severe allergies. Sometimes, you may find it difficult to know if the purifier is working properly. Not all air purifiers make noise. Whether the air purifier uses a HEPA filter, UV (ultra-violet) light, or both, there are ways to determine if it is working properly.

Air Circulation

Air purifiers work by circulating air throughout a room. If you cannot feel the air coming out of the purifier every so often, it may not be working.


Many models have two filters with the first being a pre-filter. This filter takes care of the bigger particles from the air. If this filter is clean when removed and inspected, the problem rests with the purifier. This filter should be able to be cleaned or replaced.

HEPA or Other Filter

The main filter on the purifier should not be clean when it is removed either. If it is, then a new purifier may be needed. If this filter is dirty, wash or replace it.

If the areas above are working properly, then the purifier is not likely to be the problem. If air purification seems to be a problem, a bigger model may be needed that is specifically designed to work in larger areas of space.