How do I refinish a wooden toy chest?

Start refinishing a wooden toy chest by moving the piece to a secluded work area. Place it on a surface covered with drop cloth. Carefully remove all hinges and screws, and store them in a container where you will be able to find them later.

Prepare the Wood

Wear gloves and safety goggles are you  apply a wood stripper to the old finish. Start with one side and gradually move to the others. Remove by wiping or scraping the chest surface. Repeat this till all traces of the old finish is removed. Dry the chest and lightly sand it to prepare the wood. You can also apply fillers to cover gaps or holes at this stage.

Stain and Seal

Apply the new stain to the wood, and let it completely dry. Apply a sealer and leave the chest to dry for a day. Add the final finish when the chest is absolutely dry. Once the finishing is over, you can reattach the screws and hinges.