Do Plug-in Air Fresheners Save Energy?

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Many people try to find ways to save energy so that they can protect the planet and save money. A plug in air freshener is often seen as a waste of electricity because it consumes electricity which wouldn't otherwise be used. However, there are some important benefits which plug in air fresheners can offer you.


Unlike normal air fresheners which must be thrown away when the aroma fades, these air fresheners can be re-filled with new fresheners. New pods and bottles can be inserted into the air freshener to continue using the same air freshener. This means that less waste is required.


Many of these air fresheners also use sensors to only spray the air freshener at a certain time. This means that they aren't continually using a large amount of electricity. They are actually very efficient and only require very small amounts of energy to operate properly.

You will not notice an increase in your electricity bill. The biggest savings is they do not have to be replaced and can be reused.