How do Water Purification Tablets Work?

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Whether it’s for a camping/backpacking experience or emergency water purification, water purification tablets are effective in removing the impurities and contaminants in your drinking water that could threaten your health. If you are wondering just how they work, the following information will provide you with what you need to know.

Although water purification tables are very beneficial in purifying your drinking water from impurities or harmful chemicals, it is important to note that they can not remove large particles (which can be removed by a filtration process). The main purpose of purification tablets is to remove those tiny microscopic contaminants and chemicals which could harm you.

  1. Water purification tables are made of mainly chlorine or iodine; of which both is effective for the purification of water.
  2. When using purification tablets, all you need to do is add two tablets to a 1/2 liter of water.
  3. Once you have added the tablets to your water container, you merely need to shake the container thoroughly to mix the tablets with the water.
  4. After mixing, wait several minutes for the tablets to purify the water.

Storing water purification tablets for use in emergencies would be a safeguard for you and your family if ever your drinking water is at risk, as it could be following an earthquake, flood, etc.