How Does a 3 Way CFL Work?

3 way CFL is growing popular and people have started to show keen interest in its way of working. It is easy to understand the functionality of a 3-way CFL since it is based on simple technology.

How It Works

These lamps are based on the conversion of ultraviolet light into visible light. A 3-way compact fluorescent lamp usually works by having two separate filaments for the first two levels of illumination or brightness. You can understand this by reading the instance given: a 30-70 bulb will have a 30-watt filament and a 70-watt filament together. The 3-way switch then turns the bulb on either by switching the 30-watt filament on or the 70-watt filament or even both, thus giving a 100-watts full brightness. This also explains why a 3-way compact fluorescent lamp usually burns out the most commonly used brightness level first.

Save on Electricity

A 3-way compact fluorescent lamp or CFL will either have two separate fluorescent tubes, one each for the first two illuminating levels (which is rare), or it will usually adjust the brightness electronically through an internal voltage or adjustment. You can easily save a lot of money by the additional dimming light option CFLs have.