How Does a Casement Window Crank Work?

A casement window crank is used to open a window either from left to right or right to left. Casement windows open sideways. They are usually used in the design of bay windows and other multi-window displays. Casement window cranks work in the following ways.

Crank Mechanism and Parts

The crank mechanism is used to open the window from side to side and is easy to rotate in a clockwise fashion. The crank uses a window operator that helps to make the window work to open and close it. There is also a linkage arm in the component. This arm supports the window glass. It does its job when the window is opened or closed using the handle on the crank. As you turn the handle clockwise, the sash opens or closes.

Crank Operation and Utilization

You can open a casement window by clamping your hands around the casement window crank and giving it a turn to the right. You can close the window by holding onto the crank and turning it the opposite way. Never try to force the window closed. Some crank handles fold down onto the window sash to prevent people from bumping into it.