How Does a Geodesic Greenhouse Work?

A geodesic greenhouse is a stand alone greenhouse that looks like it is something out of a space novel. This type of greenhouse has a sort of round shape that is supplemented by a lot of smaller triangles pieced together to form the structure. They are becoming increasingly popular today as more gardeners are learning about the benefits of this design. Of course, it also gives many people the opportunity to continue growing their vegetables and flowers all year round. The heat from the sun is intensified by the plastic, or glass, on the frame of the greenhouse and used to keep the flowers from freezing. The plastic then captures the moisture from watering the plants and keeps the air humid. These are great conditions for growing in a greenhouse all year.

Geodesic Greenhouse Construction

Building your own geodesic greenhouse is not as challenging as you would think. The design looks very complicated, but once you get the frame started it is pretty much the same throughout the entire construction. Drape the entire structure in plastic and you are done. The process is more tedious than it is difficult.

How Does the Geodesic Design Work?

When you live in northern areas, you want to extend the growing season for some late vegetables and flowers. A geodesic greenhouse will help you do this even longer because of its shape and design.

Traps More Heat Energy

Because of the dome design, the heat that is stored from the sun during the day stays longer into the evening when the sun goes down. This is because it is forced down more towards the ground than it is allowed to stay upwards. The dome design is structured to keep the warm air flowing around the dome instead of up and staying.

Warmer Air

The moment you step into a geodesic greenhouse will notice the heat immediately. This is caused by not only the uninterrupted display of glass, or plastic, but because the heat is intensified by side by side panels.

Air Movement

One of the things that sets the geodesic design apart from other greenhouse designs is the air flow. The side walls attribute to the natural flow of moisture and air that is heated. It most closely resembles what happens in the natural water cycle going on outside of the greenhouse.

Air Is More Evenly Heated

Because there is such movement inside the geodesic greenhouse dome the air is an even temperature. Flowers and vegetables do not like a lot of fluctuation of the temperature. Inside the dome, temperatures are kept very even throughout the day.

No Big Cool Offs

At night, when the sun goes down, the air inside the dome will cool off, but it is not a drastic drop off. The air will gradually cool off and only for a few degrees. The plastic, or glass panels that trapped in the heat, will also ward off the cold air for most of the evening.