How Does a Pet Odor Candle Work?

If you have pets, and their attendant odors, you need a pet odor candle to mask those odors. Pet odors develop for a number of reasons, be they a dog that was caught out in the rain, a litter box, or your dog had an “accident” on the carpet. There are many companies that make a pet odor candle. Most of these are sold through your local vet or online.

How It Works

Pet odor candles work using a special enzyme that is released when the candle is burning. This enzyme vaporizes and attaches itself to the odor molecules in the air, effectively masking the odors. Unlike sprays such as Febreze and Lysol, odor candles don’t neutralize or get rid of the underlying cause of the odor, they only mask it. This means they work great for when your pet has an accident in the house and you’re expecting company over soon and don’t have time to properly clean the affected area.

Many Scents

Pet odor candles are available in a variety of scents. From flower inspired scents to food inspired scents, you will be able to find a scent that will cover the offending odor and be pleasing to your senses.

As stated, you can find the right pet odor candle at your local vet as well as some of the larger retail chain stores that have large pet departments.