How Does a Pool Light Work?

Swimming at night is fun with a pool light. At night, the underwater lights will help someone who is swimming to see as well as aiding a lifeguard to see into the water. Underwater pool lights are typically made with the use of halogen bulbs and in some cases, incandescent bulbs are used. The water around the light fixtures acts as a cooling agent to help to dissipate the heat that is generated from them.

How Do Pool Lights Keep Dry

You may wonder how pool lights keep from getting wet.

  • Pool lights are tightly sealed and designed to keep dry.
  • The glass is very thick for extra protection. It is held in the pool by a strong clip or screw.
  • If the bulb needs changed, it can be pulled above water and replaced.

Pool lights are safe

Pool lights are designed with little risk of electrocution. The whole light is sealed. Water cannot get in. There are safety features that protect against being electrocuted. Pool lights have a Ground Fault circuit interrupter, GFCI, a very tiny leak will shut the power off. Pool lights are very safe and add a nice feature to any pool.