How Does a Pop Rivet Work?

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Pop rivets are used to join thin pieces of metal or plastic. It is usually necessary to use a pop rivet if you can't access the other side of the hole.

What Is a Pop Rivet?

A pop rivet is basically a piece of metal with a long pin on one end and a rivet on the other. First you need the two surfaces to rivet. Drill a hole through these two surfaces, and align the holes.

Setting the Rivet

Now that you have two surfaces with two holes that are aligned, you are ready to pop your rivet. Identify the long pin of the rivet. Insert it into the riveting tool. Slide the rivet through the two holes. Take your rivet tool and squeeze its handles together. This will rivet the two surfaces together by driving the pin into the rivet. This will cause the rivet to expand. The rivet can no longer be pulled through the hole because it is now flared on the underside of the surfaces. The pin on the head of the rivet will eventually break off. You now have no protruding ends on the metal, and a clean connection between the two surfaces.