How Does a Pressure-Assisted Toilet Work?

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Among the new innovations in bathroom remodeling is the pressure-assisted toilet. This type of toilet does not look different from a regular toilet, but it is much more efficient and clean.

What Is Different?

You are not going to notice anything different about the pressure-assisted toilet compared to a regular toilet until you lift the seat cover. Instead of a bowl full of water, there is a small plastic seal, much like those found in RV toilets.

How It Works

Pressure-assisted toilet works with a combination of high pressure air and water. As the water in the storage tank fills, the toilet is also charging air in the compression tank. Once the water is full, it is released with the power of the air behind it. Because of the high force of air, it cleans the bowl and pipes more efficiently.

Cleaner Flushes

In a gravity fed system, the pressure-assisted toilet is able to force more of the waste down the pipe for cleaner flushes. That means the waste does not sit in the pipes. It is much cleaner than regular toilet flushing.

Pump Assisted

More expensive pressure-assisted toilets use small electric pumps to force the waste much more quickly and with less water.