How Does A Scoring Saw Work?

A scoring saw is a type of table saw that is designed to handle cutting situations where two materials are bonded to one another by using two blades in place of one. Regular table saws do not work well in certain circumstances, making a scoring saw necessary.

How Does a Scoring Saw Work?

A scoring saw has two different blades. One of the blades is a typical circular saw blade while the other is smaller and it sits in the front of the main blade. The small blade rotates in the opposite direction of the main blade, allowing wood to be cut from the panel's underside which is where damage often occurs when the wrong saw is used.

The main blade is cutting from the top as the smaller blade is cutting from the bottom. The purpose of the smaller blade is to cut in a score or a grove, which makes things easier from the perspective of the larger blade. The large blade, then, only has to cut through single layers in panels, making it easier than when a single blade has to attempt cutting through two different panels.