How Does a Soaker Hose Work?

A soaker hose looks like a regular hose with small holes along the sides. This invaluable tool can help save money on your water bills can cause less runoff when watering your plants. It is easy to install and even easier to use.

What They Are

A soaker hose is typically a hose at least 50 feet that is made of a recycled rubber product. When the water is running, the entire hose ‘weeps’ with water. The rubber is perforated designed to allow water to seep out of the hose, either through all-over holes or lines of holes along each side.


A soaker hose works by releasing water directly to the ground where plant roots are. This eliminates water from building up on the leaves, which is especially important for delicate plants and flowers. Since the water isn’t streaming, each plant will get plenty of water with less runoff. You won’t end up watering your driveway or the roadway or even creating a muddy spot in your yard.