How Does a Water Pressure Booster Pump Work?

water pressure gauge

A water pressure booster pump can increase the water pressure coming out of the faucets and appliances in your home. Sometimes the water pressure coming in makes for poor water flow in your home. This might be the case if it takes a long time to fill the tub or washing machine or the outdoor hose comes out in a trickle. This booster pump can fix these problems.

How the Water Pressure Increases

A water pressure booster pump works with an expansion tank. This is a closed tank. It has a bladder and is pressurized. The pump pulls water into the tank on the side of the bladder. This compresses the air in the bladder and the water becomes more pressurized.

How They Are Activated

Booster pumps are either operated manually or by an on-demand system. In the manual system, you simply turn on the switch when you want increased water pressure. An on-demand system monitors the water system and turns on when there is an increased need for more water. An on-demand system is certainly convenient but more expensive than a manual system.

Outdoor Pumps

Booster pumps are also used outdoors to irrigate a garden. Often the water doesn’t flow far enough or fast enough to easily water a garden or lawn. A booster pump is a good solution.