How Does an Inflatable Hot Tub Work?

a person in a hot tub
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 400-1,500

The inflatable hot tub would never have come about if it weren't for the invention of extremely durable and flexible materials. The stresses involved in containing quantities of moving water and supporting human bodies were simply too great. The following takes a look at how inflatable hot tubs work.

Portable Hot Tub

Once it became possible to make an inflatable hot tub, they grew rapidly in popularity. These tubs are generally smaller than built-in tubs but can provide the same relaxing atmosphere. In its basic form, the inflatable hot tub is exactly what the name suggests – a hot tub that you blow up with air. The tub is pre-formed with all the necessary waterways and jets and can be connected to a unit that includes a heater and a pump. The hot tub is not plumbed into the mains but is filled with water from a hose instead.

Electrical Accessories

The basic hot tub comes with a pump for circulating the water and a heater to heat the water. One accessory that should be seen as a minimum requirement is a pump to inflate the tub. This pump will inflate the tub and then ensure that the tub remains inflated. A second, important accessory is a filter for the water. It is difficult to stop things falling into your tub, so you will want to have a system of filtration to protect the pump and the jets.

Method of Use

A portable hot tub can be used anywhere that there is an appropriate power supply. The only other requirement is a strong surface on which to place the tub. Keep in mind that it will have to support the weight of the water and the people in it. Simply lay the tub on the floor so that it is the right way up and inflate it. An electric inflation pump will take only a few minutes to achieve this. Once inflated, you can check that it is sitting square on the floor and that the inflation has made the tub into a fairly rigid construction. If the water heater and pump are in a separate module, connect them according to the instructions. Fill the tub to the recommended level, plug into the mains, switch it on and wait for the water to warm up.

Water Quality

As with standard hot tubs, the quality of the water needs to be monitored to avoid damage to the tub or to the skin of people using the tub. The hot tub should be supplied with a hot tub water test kit or you can buy one. The kit will contain test strips that will measure aspects of the water quality and chemicals to correct any imbalances. It is important to keep the water pH balance within limits for a comfortable soak.

An inflatable hot tub brings all the comfort of a permanent installation without the expense. Because the tub can be deflated and packed into a box, it is truly portable. As an inexpensive alternative, the inflatable hot tub can be located and left installed for as long or as short a time as required. With the addition of a filter, the experience of the inflatable tub will be comparable with that of the permanent tub.