How Does an Iron Work?

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom who irons daily or a college student who hasn’t picked one up in his life, you may be wondering how an iron really works. It looks like magic when all of those wrinkles just disappear with the brush of an iron, but the science behind it is very simple.

The Machine

An iron is a machine designed to remove wrinkles from clothes or other fabrics. It consists of a flat metal plate that comes to a point to cover both large and small areas of fabric, and is electronically heated when plugged into an outlet. Its handle does not gain heat, so you can pick up the iron and move it around the ironing board. Irons include a temperature gauge and settings for different fabric types. Many irons also include a steam option as well.

The Process

After it is plugged in and given time to heat up, the metal plate becomes very, very hot. When the heated metal is applied to the wrinkled fabric, the heat weakens the molecule bonds of the fabric. This allows the wrinkles in the fabrics to adjust. When pressure from the iron is added to the weakened fabric and wrinkles, it presses them out. If you notice your wrinkles aren’t being removed, increase the heat on your iron.