How Double Pane Windows Work

double pane window corner segment

The double pane window concept is a great one because it allows the conduction process to be inhibited, allowing for sunlight to come in through the window without as much heat transfer. Here is a look at the double pane window and how it works.

double pane window with condensation

How They Work

Double pane windows are capable of coming in nearly any style, they simply have two panes of glass within them instead of the standard one pane of glass. There's generally a separation of approximately one half inch, and sometimes this separation is filled with a non toxic gas for the purpose of further insulating the window.

Conduction is defined as the transfer and the dissipation of heat from one material to another. Conduction is capable of occurring between two different materials or substances or within a single material or substance.

In more modern models of double pane windows, there is decorative framework installed between the glass panes, and this keeps the decorative work looking new and visually appealing without preventing the glass window from being easy to clean.

There are numerous advantages to using a double pane window in your home, because these windows are well insulated, and do not allow nearly as much heat to escape as a normal window would, making these an excellent choice of windows for colder climates where heat in the home is at a premium.